We all love a comeback story. We always have, we always will. 

When something sparks and the momentum changes.

When odds are overcome and a champion emerges.

It speaks to us. It speaks to the deep part of us that knows we are made for comebacks.

But the thing is…comebacks never happen alone.

We are Rhapsody.

Misfits, mothers, brothers and best friends. 

United by strength in pursuit of our best. Life is what we train for.

Humble, hungry and happy. We do the work…hard work. Together.

Because that’s how comebacks happen.

Digging deep, then going deeper. Finding that edge and making what seemed impossible…possible.

Strong on our own, we are a force combined. Shoulder to shoulder, we move forward together. 

Comebacks don’t have to stay in stories.

Now is your time.

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