We are a community for everyone. We are Rhapsody.

From day one, Rhapsody was built on the foundation of community first. Our mission is to raise the bar on health and fitness by cultivating humble, hungry and happy athletes across all races, genders, sexual orientations, walks and creeds. Team Rhapsody fully supports the Black community and all people of color.

As a community that unites, we cannot support CrossFit HQ leadership that divides. 

In light of current events and our concerns around the direction of CrossFit, Rhapsody will no longer maintain an affiliation with the brand. We owe it to our team, members and community to raise the bar and do better. 

Make no mistake, Rhapsody is here to stay. We will continue delivering exemplary member care and elite coaching each and every day. 

We will continue curating a community of inclusion and acceptance for all those hungry to rise to the challenge, humble in the face of change and happy to become the best version of themselves.