Drum roll, please… Rhapsody Radio Season 3 is here! 

Coach Whitney Dunn from Rhapsody Radio Season 3, Episode 1.

Hosted by Trinity Wheeler and Alan Shaw, Rhapsody Radio features stories, stitches and somethings of significance from the collection of characters this pair have gathered along the way. 

To their left co-host, Mary Beth Henderson lends perspective on bringing your business front and center with insights as a fempreneur and founder. To their right,  Jennifer Bellini, weighs in on wellness, prime mindset practices and moving forward at your best.

Season 3 kicks off with Shebeast, featuring Whitney Dunn – mom, athlete, coach and all-around (you guessed it) Shebeast to discuss how to reclaim and redefine your standard of beauty.

This season will include interviews with movers and shakers across industries and influences including Sam Leicht of Leichtning Health; Terry Cherry, Officer and Recruiter with the Charleston Police Department; and Malachy Friedman of Black Label Martial Arts to tease a few.  

You’ll also hear the team tackling robust topics across entrepreneurship, leadership and business ownership to include our new Box Building series, where we get down to business to answer the hard questions, explore various approaches, dive into strategy and share lessons learned that go far beyond fitness to be universal across entrepreneurship and startups.

Tune in! Find Rhapsody Radio on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music or wherever you get your podcasts.

Malachy Friedman

Malachy Friedman, Founder of Black Label Martial Arts, will be featured on this season of Rhapsody Radio.